Non Residential Buildings

NonResidential Buildings

Custom Commercial Buildings and Barns to Suit Your Needs

Having the right work space can increase any business’ productivity and profitability. It matters so much, in fact, that companies regularly relocate when their existing locations prove too small, too outdated, or too unacceptable. That is not always practical or desirable, however. Building new on an existing site or renovating an existing physical plant often makes the most sense in terms of containing costs and maintaining a strong workforce and solid customer base.


Businesses that need to expand or modify their commercial properties in and around Columbus, OH, have a strong ally in Preston Development. For more than 20 years, we have helped manufacturers, farmers, and retailers design and construct purpose-built structures. We have also completed many remodels on old spaces, adapting structures to new uses in ways that allow clients to meet their customers’ needs in the most efficient and effective ways.


Whether you need a new or expanded workshop, production line, barn or warehouse, Preston Development can deliver.

Build to Your Budget

Upfront Pricing Eliminates Unwelcome Surprises

Preston Development recognizes that cost drives every business decision. As independent business people ourselves, we also understand that setting and sticking to a project budget can mean the difference between keeping the doors open and shutting down for good.


For these reasons, we involve commercial clients in every stage of the planning and construction process. From the first day, we discuss the price of materials, labor, and meeting regulatory and permitting requirements. We are honest about schedules, availability, and potential red flags regarding cost overruns. Each project estimate we issue comes as close as possible to the true cost of project completion.


Preston Development also remains in constant communication with commercial clients as projects progress. Every decision that may raise or lower the cost gets made collaboratively and with full disclosure of challenges and options for solutions. We never hide charges, act unilaterally, or pad expenses. Because we operate under the motto “We build relationships,” we strive to be the kind of custom commercial builder we would want to hire.

Find Floorplans for Any Function

Your Specifications Become Our Plans

Commercial spaces get designed to serve multiple purposes. You, however, need a workshop, store or warehouse for a unique purpose. This is where the design consultants, craftsmen, construction managers and contractor supervisors with Preston Development shine.


Tell us what you need, and we can make that happen. From projects as small and specific as removing interior walls to ones as complex as constructing small production plants from scratch, the Preston Development team has done it all. We can integrate new machines in old plants, put up new storage facilities, and reposition entrances and delivery docks. Just ask, and then watch your vision become reality.

Count on the Best Materials and Craftsmanship

Do Not Settle for Less

Preston Development never sacrifices quality. For commercial projects, we create plans that permit future expansions and upgrades, use the most durable materials, and pay attention to the smallest details. We ensure all our work meets commercial building codes and complies with zoning requirements. Any issues get flagged and resolved as quickly as possible before they morph into crises. And, again, we keep our clients in the loop at all times, welcoming feedback and answering questions.

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