Whatever the project, renewal, restoration, improvement. No job is too big or too small.

You cannot live in the past, so why should your home? Whether your family has grown with the birth of children or shrunk as kids left for college and careers, the rooms and floor plans that once seemed perfect probably no longer meet your needs. Maybe you just recently discovered a passion for cooking, and your 20-year-old kitchen and tiny electric range cannot accommodate your needs.


Whatever your reasons for wanting to re imagine, renovate and upgrade your living space, Preston Development can help bring your vision to fruition. Our talented staff has improved the beauty and functionality of homes in and around Columbus, OH, for more than 20 years. From remodeling bathrooms and bedrooms to building grand entrance ways and adding finished rooms over garages for elderly relatives or independent teens, Preston Development has done it all when it comes to home renovation.


Take a few minutes to look through our online portfolio. If you get inspired, our team of design consultants, craftsmen, construction managers and contractor supervisors can help you build your dream.

Trust Us to Tell You the Cost

We Remove Stress by Offering Upfront Pricing

Preston Development prides itself on never being the villain in a home renovation horror story about hidden charges, cost overruns, and missed deadlines. From the first consultation, we work closely with each client to explain prices, present options, and set budgets and schedules that best match the client’s preferences.


Each renovation proposal Preston Development presents to a client includes a total price that comes as close as possible to the true cost of the remodeling project. Line-by-line, the client can review expected expenses for materials, labor, inspections and all the other things required for doing a renovation. We commit to full disclosure and will answer all questions.


If an adjustment to the cost proposal seems necessary after a project has started, we will sit down with the client to explain the situation and figure out if increasing the budget make sense or if a lower cost solution can be found. Preston Development knows one of the worst things a custom home builder can do is surprise a client with a bill higher than promised. We would never take estimating costs any less seriously than we do our design and construction responsibilities.

Watch Your Dream Become a Reality

We Work to Your Specifications

Each renovation Preston Development does reflects the unique requirements of the client. Since every person is different, no floor plan can satisfy everyone equally. We begin by asking a client what he or she pictures when they envision an ideal addition or remodel, then we make realizing that dream our own goal. We bring all our skills and experience to bear on planning and building the space the client wants.


Keep in mind: As custom home builders, the Preston Development team welcomes challenges. We encourage clients to dream big, and we enjoy opportunities to exceed even our own expectations for what can be accomplished.

No Detail Is Too Small

Count on High-Quality Materials and Superb Craftsmanship

At Preston Development, we believe building relationships is as important as building additions and renovating rooms. One way we meet that obligation is by paying attention to details. We use the best materials available, strive to match and complement existing interiors and exteriors, maintain the home’s structural integrity, and stay on the job until the client is completely satisfied. We also make sure each client has input into every stage of the process, from sketching plans to finishing up the final cleaning of the work site.


Preston Development knows you love your house even if it is no longer perfect. Let us reduce the imperfections by helping you renovate and remodel.

Custom Home Design

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