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For more than 20 years, architecture design consultants, skilled craftsmen, construction managers, and contracting supervisors with Preston Development have helped Ohio residents build and customize their dream homes. Based in Columbus and experienced in all phases of planning, building and remodeling, we deliver the greatest craftsmanship while never exceeding a client’s budget.


We welcome projects of all sizes, from redoing a single room to putting up an entire house on a new lot. Our experienced design and construction professionals work with each client individually from the first day of imaging possibilities to sweeping up the last speck of sawdust, ensuring that every homeowner receives exactly what he or she wants. We ensure only the finest materials get used, and we never modify a floor plan or timeline without receiving our client’s approval. Realizing clients’ unique vision for their proudest and most valuable possession while working within their financial means and schedules stand as our highest priorities at Preston Development.


We call our collaborative approach to custom home building the “Preston Difference.” We understand how trying having a home built or remodeled can be, so we make it our top job to guide each client through the process without creating unnecessary stress and without tacking on surprise expenses. At Preston Development, no customer’s expectation is considered met until it is exceeded.

Don’t Worry About Unexpected Charges

Upfront Pricing Allows Clients to Know the True Cost

A big part of what sets Preston Development apart is that we offer upfront pricing, making sure each client has the maximum amount of information regarding what they will pay.


Custom built homes and high end remodels can be expensive. Preston Development never tries to mislead any potential clients about that reality. We also never hide expenses, tack on undisclosed charges, or start work without a fixed budget. Our consultants speak with homeowners from the first day about the prices of options such as specialty cabinets and counter tops, materials from wood to drywall, and finishing work like painting and carpeting.


The job proposal Preston Development presents to a client is not an estimate. Instead, the proposal comes as close to a price guarantee as possible. Set with regard to what the client wants to pay and based on full disclosure, the “true cost proposal” factors in the best expected costs for materials, as well as accurate projections for manpower and time. We go through each proposal with clients line by line, never skipping over details or pressuring anyone to agree to options they do not want.


Preston Development also commits to keeping clients involved in making all decisions that affect a job’s cost. When a materials supplier raises its prices or an unforeseen difficulty extends the time-line, we speak with the homeowner to discuss alternatives and to receive approval of each cost adjustment. Doing this allows us to meet each client’s financial goals without compromising their vision.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!

Tailoring Your Home to Your Specifications

A famous early 20th-century architect who went by the name Le Corbusier infamously defined a house as a “machine for living.” Consequently, he designed numerous large nondescript, square and rectangular buildings to accommodate everyone equally but no one specifically. Does your own home feel like that, like it is fine for someone who definitely is not you?


Preston Development can help you create your ideal personalized living space. We never work from models, and we never use the same set of plans twice. To say we specialize in building and remodeling dream homes tells only half the story. Preston Development’s experienced design consultants, craftsmen, construction supervisors, and managers work with clients to put together luxury floor plans from scratch and then bring those creations to life as cost effectively as possible. We welcome all ideas and do our best to produce exactly what is requested.


Preston Development does not believe a house should be a box, so we help clients engage in out of the box thinking when picturing a home as unique as they are.

Details Matter

High-Quality Materials and Superior Craftsmanship Make All the Difference

In addition to collaboration and expertise, clients can count on Present Development to use the best building materials, the most reasonable rates, and the most accommodating schedules. We also pride ourselves on adhering strictly to building codes and on our ability to make a sometimes stressful process as pleasant and productive as possible.


We never sacrifice attention to detail, nor do we keep clients out of the loop on the price or progress of a job. Everyone at Preston Development takes to heart the motto “We don’t just build homes, we build relationships.”

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